• Derrick Sample

    Derrick Sample has hosted 10 episodes.

    Derrick has been in the litigation support business for 20 years. He is a tech guy who happens to be pretty good at graphics. In 2009, Derrick teamed up with some great folks who knew as much or more than he did about all that stuff, and they formed Core. Since then, Derrick's work has made its way into some of the largest litigations in recent memory. Currently, he is enjoying business development, convincing people to podcast with him, and sitting in coffee shops.

  • Eric Pubentz

    Eric Pubentz has hosted 8 episodes.

    Eric has been on top of trial presentation technology since the 90s and has truck loads of experience handling the pressure of dozens of lawyers all needing something at the same time. He has a service mentality for both clients and employees, so if something needs to get done, you can expect him to be your first volunteer. A tech guy with a strong design sense, Eric has a great instinct for both business development and presentation. Currently, he has agreed to co-host a podcast with Derrick despite a laser focus on managing the development of our favorite trial software, OnCue.